WhyNot!? Diving & Snorkeling & Sea Kayak Trip to Wakayama

White limestone and blue ocean feels just like a Mediterranean resort!
Enjoy beginners' diving, snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, fishing boat cruise,
Sake Brewery Factory tour
, and pizza making!

At night, we will have a campfire and BBQ party!!!
(of course, all you can drink :)
Limited to 40 people, so sign-up NOW!
< Photos from the past diving trip >

Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Fishin boat cruise, Sake Brewery and more!!!

  Shirasaki coast is selected to be one of the "hundred beautiful scenes of Heisei era"
and "hundred beautiful scenes of beach in Japan".

We will stay a log house!            Enjoy pizza making for our lunch!

At night, we will have a campfire and BBQ party!!!(All You Can Drink)

写真提供:中野BC㈱            写真提供:中野BC㈱               写真提供:中野BC㈱ 

Photos from the last Diving trip


Meeting Time Sep. 9th, 2017 (sat) 8:45am
Returning Time Sep. 10th, 2017 (sun) 5:45pm
Meeting Place Namba (in front of Kintetsu Namba building. Map is below)

Yura-cho in Wakayama prefecture

Accommodation Log House/Container in Shirasaki Marine Park
Fee A course (Diving & Snorkel) 35 people
 29,800yen (WhyNot!? Members) / 30,800yen (others)

B course (Sea Kayak) 10 people
 28,800yen (WhyNot!? Members) / 29,800yen (others)

C course (Snorkel)
 28,800yen (WhyNot!? Members) / 29,800yen (others)

※1,000yen OFF for people who wants to sleep in the tent.
(WhyNot!? Member registration(FREE): Just send a blank e-mail to en@whynotjapan.com)
Includes Round-trip bus, Accommodation, 4 meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 BBQ dinner), Diving/Snorkel/Sea Kayak, Rental wetsuit, Insurance, Fishin boat cruise, and Party with all you can drink.
*Insurance is not covered while diving, snorkeling or sea kayaking.
Not Includes Optional Insurance for diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking for people who want to get. (Additional 500yen)
Items you should bring 2 bath towels, bathing suit ,sunscreen, rain apparel, toothbrush, shampoo and rinse
Capacity 40 people
Minimum passenger count 30 people
Reservation Reservation Form
Payment Methods 1. Bank Transfer (within 5 days)
2. Paying in cash at any WhyNot!? Party (within 2 weeks)
Note Room arrangement is single-gender shared room.
Cancellation Fee 20-8 days before departure - 20%
7~2 days before departure - 30%
1 day before departure - 40%
On the day of departure - 50%
After departure / without notice - 100%
Contact info@whynotjapan.com
Planning Company WhyNotJAPAN Inc.
Operating Company 近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社
観光庁長官登録 旅行業第1944号


8:45 Meet in Namba 8:00 Wake up
9:00 Bus Leave 8:30 Breakfast
  Bus 9:30 Enjoy Fish Boat Cruising!
11:30 Arrive at "Shirasaki Ocean Park" in Wakayama 10:30 Let’s make a pizza for lunch!
12:45 Orientation & Lunch Time 13:45 Enjoy shopping at Yuasa Soy Sauce
13:00 Try Diving & Snorkeling! 14:45 Sake Brewery
17:00 Finish Diving & Snorkeling 15:10 Leave Wakayama and go back to Osaka
17:30 Shower Time   Bus
18:30 BBQ & Party Time with a campfire!! 17:45 Arrive at Namba
23:00 Bed Time    
MAP of MeetinG Place
Kintetsu Namba Builing (Sennichimae street side)
※Subway Namba station exit #21. Go left, you will see the bus.